We went out with a BIG BANG as our show in Raton was one of our largest ever. The entire 60′ X 100′ convention floor was solid with tables. The walls were lined with displays. If one more display or collector came, we would have been in the hall and lobby. We really thank everyone from coast to coast that came to our show. It was a very happy time but it was bitter/sweet also as this was our last show after 43 years. It has been a wonderful run and have enjoyed the many shows in numerous towns in-state as well as sponsoring a couple of other shows in other states.

The club could not have survived without Dan and Nancy Sowle. They were the major rock thru the 43 years. The last several years, Fred and Wrennee Reynolds, really helped keep the club going as they were always there to help any place they were needed. There was a lot of others that really went out of their way to help thru the years also and a special thanks to them. There were too many to mention individually and would sure miss mentioning someone if I tried. We do thank everyone. A special thanks goes out to Joe and Ellie Lawrence who made all the great bear table favors this year. The bad thing was that at the last minute, their health did not permit them to make it to the show.

We want to thank all the people that put together one of the best send-offs you could imagine at the end of our show. It was super great and their skit, gifts and kind words were greatly appreciated by all that helped make the last show extra special. Thank you all very much.

This is my last President’s Letter but will stay active attending and helping other clubs thru the years. We always enjoy everyone at the shows and will look forward to the future.

Thanks to you all for the support from everyone who attended our shows over the past 43 years.





The La Crosse show was very nice. One exciting thing was the surprise casino night on Friday. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Some of the group went to see the Kentucky Derby at a local place before the candlelight banquet. The banquet was great and we enjoyed the sit down dinner and it was served so nicely by the “Harvey Girls”. Congratulations to all the award winners. Brad Penka and Patricia Duffey put together a good show.

We all lost a dear friend and fellow collector, Mike McCafferty, just before the La Crosse show. Everyone really missed him and several of us were able to stay over and attend his memorial service in Oakley, KS on Sunday, following the show. It was a nice service and we all send our best to his wife, JoAnne.

Colorado had another great show in Burlington. It started out with a nice trails end meal and some good food over the weekend, especially the banquet. Several enjoyed going out to the Claremont Inn and Winery for wine tasting. Then later the gals went to “Health Essentials”, an oil and vinegar bar, and had an oil and vinegar tasting. The country music on Friday evening was great and we enjoyed the music while a heavy rain was going on outside. Thanks to Clinton and Vickie Schlepp and Barry and Molly Beek for putting on a good show.

We all enjoyed the banquet and table favors. Congratulations to Vickie Schlepp for entering into the Ladies “Hall of Honor”. We also congratulate the Kirscht family for taking Men’s Best of Show and Molly Beek for walking away with the Woman’s Best of Show award.

Now the time is coming on fast for the New Mexico Barbed Wire Collectors Association’s 43rd annual show in Raton, NM on July 16th, 17th and 18th. Looks like it will be the largest in our 43 years. There have been requests for 77 tables and will have a full house to include some great displays. Think we will overflow into the hall and lobby. People are scheduled to attend from 12 states.

One of our best long time supporters of our Club passed away recently. It was Bob Gaines, better know as SOB “Sweet Ole Bob” from Las Cruces, NM. He, along with his wife Carol, will really be missed at our show. We send our best to Carol and their family.

Our show will kick off on Thursday, July 16th, at a trails end get together at K-Bob’s Restaurant at 6:00. At that time we will hand out a schedule of events and welcome everyone. We will order from the menu.

Will unload and set up from 7:30-9:00 on Friday and the show will be open to the public from 9:00-5:00. Donuts and coffee will be available both days at the show site. Also lunch will be available daily. Friday night we will have entertainment at the evening meal at the show site at about 5:30.

Saturday the show will be open to the public from 8:00-3:00. There will be a live auction at 3:00 on Saturday. After the auction, we will have plenty of time to load up and clean your area before the awards banquet at 6:00.

We’re looking forward to a great show and some good visiting with fellow collector friends. Have a safe trip and enjoy all the green this year along your journey.



MAY – JUNE 2015

It was a SUPER SHOW. The Devil’s Rope Museum’s Antique Barbed Wire Super Show in Vernon, TX was an extra good show. The room was full of collections and collectors. There was more walk thru traffic than we have seen in years. Lloyd Welch and Barbara Channell really put together a great show. They had a lot of help from the Wright’s and Herring’s along with Barbara and Lloyd’s entire family. Know the Trew’s helped too. They plan to have the show there again next year. There were 10 states represented and congratulations to the award winners and especially the Best of Show that went to Betty Wright and Jerry Thornton. A big thank you for all the work and preparation you did to make this show a big success.

We’re getting ready next week to head for La Crosse, KS for their show on April 30th and May 1st and 2nd. They always have a good fun show and we always look forward to that weekend.

We will be heading back to Burlington, CO on June 5th and 6th for the Colorado show. They sure put on a great show last year and we know it will be a fun time again.

Our New Mexico show is all lined up for July 17th and 18th in Raton. Our theme this year is “Thanks For The Memories”, as this will be our last show. The schedule of events will be close to last years. The host motel is the Microtel Inn (575-445-9100). When we arrive on Thursday (16th), there will be a “trails end” get together at K-Bobs Restaurant at 6:00. We will unload on Friday morning, starting at 7:30. Donuts and coffee will be available each morning. Lunch, both days, will be available at the Convention Center and all food will be catered by the same people as last year. Friday evening, following the dinner, we have an entertainer lined up. He is humorous, poet and story teller. Saturday we will have the usual live auction and that evening the awards banquet.

Looking forward to seeing everyone and should be a good show and a lot of people have reserved tables and rooms.

Guess that is all for this Letter. The best to you all and Happy Collecting.


Click Flyer to Enlarge

2015 New Mexico Show –



The California show is history and it was a good one. There was a good variety of collections by both men and women. There was a lot of trading going on the whole time. We did eat well too, which is always good. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the show.

Congratulations to the award winners. Joe and Ellie Lawrence made some real nice Valentine Heart table decorations. Thanks Mark and Linda Nelson for putting on a good show. We New Mexican’s had a very good time. There was a lot of walk thru people, which was good.

Will not be long before the “Super Show”, which will be in Vernon, TX this year on April 10th and 11th. Looks like they do have a “Super Show” lined up. Set up will be April 9th, noon to 5 PM.

Our New Mexico show is all lined up for July 17th and 18th in Raton again this year. We do have our flyer done and you can see a copy in The Collector and the other Club Newsletters. The characters on the flyer are from our past themes for the last 13 years. Our neighbor, Harry Vedoe, did the drawings. Harry was the Editorial Cartoonist for the Taos News for 15 years. He is a good artist and neighbor. We want to give Harry a personal thanks for his drawings for our flyer.

Our theme this year is “THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES”. Our themes over the past years were:

You can pick your favorite theme or themes from the past years to decorate your table/tables. Should be fun to see what people come up with.

That’s it for this time. The best to all of you and hope to see you all at the shows this year.



Hope everyone had a great Holiday Season and Santa brought you the items on your wish list. We did have a white Christmas in our area.

With the beginning of the New Year, (where did the last one go?), we are looking forward to the first collectors show. This will be in Bullhead City, Arizona and put on by the California Barbed Wire Collectors Association. They have had some good shows in the past in Bullhead City and we are anxious and looking forward to the show. In our case, we are looking forward to some warmer weather and always enjoy our stay in Laughlin. The show will be Saturday and Sunday, February 14th and 15th.

Our New Mexico show is all lined up for July 17th and 18th, 2015 in Raton. We had a very large show in Raton last year and looking forward to this next year. Our host Motel will be the Microtel Inn and Suites again. The rates will be the same as last year ($62.99 plus tax). We do have rooms blocked out for the show (575-445-9100).

Over the last 13 years, we have had a show theme and a list of these will be listed in the next President’s Letter. Our theme this year is “THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES”. You can pick your favorite from past years to decorate your table/tables. Maybe a different theme on each table. Should be fun. Our show flyer will be completed soon which will list all the past themes.

Hope you have a Happy New Year and our wishes are for a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy year ahead for everyone.




The Symposium closed out the collector shows for the season. It was a good get together and well attended. John Baumchen did a great job as chairman and there were some interesting topics presented. The pricing committees did a good job of reviewing the current suggested prices and adjusted the prices as they thought was necessary.

The Ladies, following the ABWS meeting, had a good time and went to Hay’s for lunch on Friday. They decided to go and do some “plate art” shopping following all the great looking plates that Nancy Sowle brought that she had done to the show. These plates she made are to be put out in the yard as “flower plate art”. These plates are used plates you pick up at a thrift store or wherever you can find a pretty plate.

The ABWS meeting, prior to the Symposium, went well and we all got an update on the Treasurers Report, Larry Greer Research Library, Wire and Tool Auction and the Barbed Wire Collector. Bob Spencer was re-elected as Vice chairman and Nancy Sowle as Secretary.

I reported at the Symposium on our Association News that following the NMBWCA show in Raton in 2015, the New Mexico Club will dissolve. This will be our 43rd show and we have run out of gas. We have a very limited number of people that can host a show as some of our younger members have moved out of state. We will go to and support other state shows but all the board members have agreed it’s time to call this 2015 show in Raton on July 17th and 18th our last. It has been a great run and we thank you all for making it possible.

That is it for now and we want to wish you all a VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON.

See you next year. Stay safe and healthy.




We were very happy and pleased with the turnout at our New Mexico show. We used 70 tables and think there was 65 fellow collectors that were there. It was one of our biggest shows and thanks goes out to a lot of people that made it possible. First was the great support by the Raton City Manager, Butch McGowen, and the other employees in making the Convention Center available for us to use.

Then thanks to Christina Boyce, Director at the Chamber of Commerce, for all the advertising which generated a good walk thru of people from the town and area. Mr. C’s Catering, Tom and Norma Cecil, really cooked some extra good meals for lunch and the evening’s. Ricco Trujillo, Building Director, and his staff took good care of us during the show at the Convention Center. We also had a good trails end meal at K-Bobs and thanks to Gina Jackson for making sure we were well fed.

We always have the great support and help from our two New Mexico couples, FRED & WRENNEE REYNOLDS AND DAN & NANCY SOWLE. We would have to struggle without their never ending help putting a show together and working during the show.

We were pleased with our theme,”BEARS”, and had numerous displays which everyone enjoyed. Congratulations to Ed and Linda Clark for winning THE BEST TABLE THEME AWARD. Several people saw some live Bears while driving around town. BEST OF SHOW, WOMEN, went to Marilyn Wasden and BEST OF SHOW, MEN, was the Kirscht Family, David, Scott & Shawn. Congratulations to all the winners. Our prestigious award for UGLIEST COLLECTOR went to Bob Chamblee.

Also congratulations to Carolyn Herring and Betty Wright for their induction into the Ladies Hall of Honor.

We thank you all for coming and helping make our show a big success. We had people from Florida to California. Our show next year will be back in Raton on July 17th and 18th, 2015. Hope you all will be back again.

Our show was followed a few weeks later by the Colorado show in Burlington. It was fabulous and everyone had a wonderful time. It started with a nice trails end meal at a Mexican Restaurant. They had an extra fine building for the show. It was large, well lighted and cooled. There was a nice wine tasting and tour at the Claremont Inn and Winery in Stratton, CO. It was a fun time.

Friday night was special, after a good meal at a local steak house, we went and rode the Kit Carson County Carousel, which is a National Historic Landmark and built in 1905. We all enjoyed our rides on Camels, Horses, Giraffes and Zebras. We all acted like children again and had a ball.

Saturday had a lot of walk in traffic again and that evening they had a good awards banquet. Of course their theme this year was Carousels. Thanks to Vickie Schlepp and her daughter for making the darling carousels that were the door prizes.

A very Special Thanks to Clinton & Vickie Schlepp and Barry & Molly Beek, working as co-show chairmen, for a fabulous Colorado show. We give them an “A” Plus. Also thanks to the Kirscht’s for their help and to the caterer’s for all their good food.

Congratulations to Clinton Schlepp for being inducted into the Men’s Hall of Fame. Also congratulations to the Kirscht Family for Men’s Best of Show and to Molly Beek for Women’s Best of Show. Colorado did have a great show and next year they plan to have their show back in Burlington, CO.

That’s it for this time. Hope to see you all at the Symposium.




The 48th Annual Barbed Wire Festival in La Crosse, Kansas on May 1st, 2nd and 3rd was really a great show. They always have a lot to do and some special fun things. Everyone had a great time. Brad Penka, Patricia Duffy and all the other helpers do an outstanding job. Also Mike McCafferty does a lot to help make the show a big success. They always have one of the best award banquets and entertainment.

La Crosse’s theme this year was “We Will Rock You”, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Post Rock Museum, where it all began. The banquet was a candlelight banquet and the hosts and hostesses were formal and very elegant.

Our New Mexico Show (July 17th, 18th & 19th) is just around the corner. As of now, we have 69 tables reserved. There will be a lot of “BEARS” (our theme) on hand and the walls will be lined with displays. There is some good food scheduled, a great play at the Shuler Theater and some shopping downtown.

Our schedule of events will start off with a Trails End get together at K-Bobs Steakhouse at 6:00 on Thursday (17th) and we will order from the menu (10% discount).

Each day there will be coffee and donuts available in the mornings. Lunch will be available each day at the show site as well as the evening meals.

Setup of displays and tables will be Friday morning starting at 7:30. The show will be open to the public from 9:00 top 4:30. We have a meal scheduled at the show site about 5:00 and after that, we are all welcome to go the the Shuler Theater for a play. ($10.00 per person)

On Saturday the show will be from 8:00 to 3:00. The live auction will be at 3:00 and there will be plenty of time to load your collections after that, before the awards banquet at the show site soon after 6:00.

If anyone has any questions, just give me a call at 575-758-3487 or my cell is 505-690-5010.

Hope you all have made your Motel reservations. Don’t know how many rooms the Microtel has left (575-445-9100).

See you all soon and have a safe trip.



MAY – JUNE 2014

The second show of the season is behind us and it was a good one. The Texas people, Danny Wright and family, Ruth and Delbert Trew and Zack and Carolyn Herring, were all responsible for a nice show. It was a small show with a fair amount of walk thru traffic. The big fun thing was their theme, “Surprise”, and there was swapping of the surprise boxes going on all the time. It was a nice idea for a theme. There were some real funny and good items in the boxes and some good laughs when they were opened at the banquet.

We want to congratulate all the award winners and especially the Best of Show, women, which was won by Barbara Channell. She had a great display of dishes. Men’s Best of Show went to Bob Chamblee for his display and video of salesman samples of different types of gates.

The awards banquet was extra great and the steaks were sure good. The trip and get together in Wheeler was a good choice for a trails end get together and we all had a nice meal and visit.

We’re off to the Kansas show in La Crosse next week. They have put together a fun show and always plan a lot of things that are enjoyed by everyone.

Our New Mexico show is on the 18th and 19th of July and it is looking like there will be a lot of people attending. We’re lined up for some good eating and fun. Remember the theme is “BEARS” so bring a display for your table.

Our tentative schedule is as follows:
Thursday–Trail ends get together at K-Bob’s steakhouse at 6:00. Order from the menu (10% discount).
Friday–Set Up 7:30-9:00–Show open to the public 9:00-4:30–meal (5:00) at the show site followed by going to the Shuler Theater for a play at 7:00.
Saturday–Show open from 8:00-3:00–auction at 3:00–awards banquet at show site at 6:00.

Lunch will be available both days at the show site. Coffee and donuts in the AM.

Any questions just give a call and don’t forget to make your Motel Reservations (Microtel–575-445-9100–We have a block of rooms set aside, downstairs, and
mention Jerry Boxberger–barbed wire show, for the room rate.