This year is sure marching on and we did make it to the California show and had good time.  It did turn out to be a SUPER SHOW for California and the largest they have had in years. There were 36 tables used and people, outside of California, were from Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Nebraska.


The show had an extra large amount of walk thru traffic.  There were a lot of displays, both by women and men.  The club presented some nice awards at the banquet and we congratulate all the winners.


We also want to congratulate the three ladies that were inducted into the Hall of Honor at the banquet.  They were Linda Clark, Linda Nelson and Marilyn Wasden.
Mark and Linda Nelson are to be congratulated for a good show.  Thanks also to Joe and Ellie Lawrence for the table favors and all the other things they did and all the other club members that contributed.


We all enjoyed the nice weather and hated to return to our 0 to 10 degree nights and still dry as a bone in our area.
The New Mexico show in Raton, July 18th and 19th, seems to be on schedule.  Hope you are able to make it.  We suggest you make your Motel reservations early.  We have a block of rooms set aside for the 17th, 18th and 19th at the Microtel Inn and Suites (575-445-9100).  Ask for show rates listed under Jerry Boxberger–Barbed Wire Show.  ($62.99 plus tax).


The theme this year is “BEARS” so keep this in mind when you bring your collections.  A trails-end get together will be Thursday (17th) at the K-Bob’s Steakhouse at 6:00.  A full schedule will be in my next Presidents Letter.


Hope you are all ready for the collecting season.  We are looking forward to the Texas show in Shamrock on April 4th and 5th followed by the show in LaCrosse, KS on May 4th and 5th.
Happy Collecting.







Not much happening in the collecting world this time of the year.  Hope everyone is getting their collections sorted out and mounted for the Spring and Summer shows.  We’ll be ready for the California show in Bullhead City, Arizona.  This will be the yearly Super Show and sounds like they have some super plans.  Hope to see a lot of you collectors there.  The weather should be nice.
Hope everyone had a great Holiday Season.  We sure did and it has been cold but not too much snow in our area.  The mountains have had a lot of snow and the skiing is great.
We, along with the Sowle’s and Reynolds’, did take a five day trip to the southern part of the state just before Christmas and really had a great time and enjoyed the warmer weather.  I did find a wire stretcher tool that I did not have in my collection.  Also a couple of Keen Kutter items.  Found them at SOB Antiques in Las Cruces and know you all remember ”Sweet Old Bob”,  Bob and Carol Gaines, from all the times they have taken things to our NM shows.
Guess that is it for now.  Hope everyone has a Healthy and Happy New Year.
See you down the collecting road.

Another year of collector shows is behind us and now it’s time to up-grade our collections with our new purchases or trades.  It has been a good year for shows and we, along with fellow New Mexican’s, the Sowle’s and Reynolds’,  managed to attend them all, except Nebraska, which was the same time as our show.


All the shows were good ones and the one in Springville, California really started things off with an excellent show.  Then the show at the DRM in McLean, Texas, the super show in La Crosse, Kansas, which was a “Super Show”.  Our New Mexico show in Moriarty was extra good with a lot of collectors attending.  Colorado’s show in Walsenburg was a nice show and then it was off to La Crosse, Kansas again for the Symposium.


The Symposium is always good with a nice group of attendees. I think that there was a lot of good topics presented followed by some nice discussions.  The pricing committees did a lot of work to determine any changes that should be made.  There was a good ABWS meeting prior to the Symposium.  The Ladies, after attending the ABWS meeting, headed to Ellis, Kansas were they toured a railroad and doll museum.  Then they went back to Hays where they had a good German meal at Gella’s Restaurant.


That is a short summary of the Summer. Now NM is getting lined up for next years show which will be in Raton, NM on July 18th and 19th, 2014.
Hope everyone has a good Winter and we wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy HOLIDAY SEASON.


July 19-20, 2013

by Nancy Sowle


The weekend activities began Thursday when collectors from 12 different states invaded Moriarty.  The recently remodeled Comfort Inn was the host hotel with more than 20 rooms booked.

About 50 hungry travelers packed a restaurant’s private dining room for the evening meal.  Collectors from California, Arizona, Utah, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Georgia, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Hampshire and New Mexico enjoyed the good food as well as some lively conversation.

Friday morning, exuberant collectors staked their claims, setting up self-standing displays as well as some table top exhibits…some for ‘display only’ but some for sale or trade.

Friday evening found 60+ people at Dan & Nancy Sowle’s home where the show participants enjoyed some New Mexico cuisine prepared and served by a local caterer.  This year’s show theme was “MAGIC” so can you guess what the evening’s entertainment was?  Yep, a Magic Show with a professional magician from Albuquerque.  The hour long performance was fun and, well what else, magical!  A handful of children attended and they are still trying to figure out some of those card tricks or how to take several torn pieces of paper become one solid piece of paper.  It’s magic!!

Saturday was abuzz with local traffic coming and going…..barbed wire collectors buying and selling….people visiting, telling stories, laughing, all having a good time.  At 3:00, the live auction was in progress with auctioneer team of Boxberger & Sowle rapidly selling the donated items.

The awards banquet began at 6:00 with another excellent meal by yet another caterer.  The dining tables were decorated with black magician hats, complete with rabbits and magic wands.  A small souvenir package of Magic Bubble Bath (pinto beans) was placed at each table setting.

Thirty six award certificates were presented to the winners who entered their displays for judging.  Best of Show recipients were Ruth Trew in the ladies division and Jerry Thornton in the men’s division.  Congratulations to all the winners.

On behalf of the NMBWCA, I thank each of you for attending the show and helping to make it one of the best.  We couldn’t have a show without you.



There is one more Show to go and then the Symposium.  We are looking forward to the Colorado Show on September 13th and 14h and then the Symposium on October 10th, 11th and 12th.  That is where a lot is discussed about the past year and ideas for the next year.  The pricing Committees do a lot of work and we thank them in advance.

Our New Mexico Show was a big success in July and a fun time was had by all.  It was great to see such a big turnout and thanks to everyone for coming.  Nancy Sowle will write a detailed article about our Show.

RATON, HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!  A decision has been made for our 2014 New Mexico Show.  It will be in Raton again on July 18th and 19th.  The City is happy to have us back.  The same caterer (good banquet steaks) is still there.  We have reserved a block of 20 rooms at the Microtel Inn (575-445-9100) at a rate of $62.99 plus tax.  All rooms are double queen, downstairs and non smoking.  If you want to reserve a room, when you call they are listed under JERRY BOXBERGER–BARBED WIRE SHOW.  Angel is the person that knows about the reservations for the rooms, if she is available when you call.

Hope everyone has had a great Summer.

See you down the collecting road.



The New Mexico Barbed Wire Collectors show in Moriarty, NM on July 19 & 20, 2013 was a huge success.  We thank our many collector friends for attending and making this show their favorite of the year.  Here are some highlights.


Ugliest Collector Award, Betty WrightDan Sowle presents the Ugliest Collector to Betty Wright.








Best of Show - Ruth Trew & Jerry Thornton


Ruth Trew Won Best of Show, Women’s, and

Jerry Thornton Won Best of Show, Men’s.



Send Rain. We’re about to dry up and blow away. Sure feel sorry for all the people that have lost their home’s in the recent fires. That one fire in Colorado claimed over 500 home’s. New Mexico still has a couple burning out of control. The West is burning up and there is flooding in the East. Our lakes sure could use some of that excess water. Also all those tornado’s in the Mid-West were terrible.

We really had a good time at the Super Show in La Crosse, KS. They put on a great show and Brad Penka and his many helpers always have an extra fun skit of some type at the banquet. They always have some good food and we all had a great time. The show was a big one and some nice displays, especially by the ladies. All the geocachers enjoyed the hides that Patricia Duffy put out around town. She always does a great job helping with everything at the show. Mike McCafferty is always in there helping also. It was one SUPER SHOW.

Our New Mexico show, July 19th and 20th, is just around the corner and looks like there will be a lot of collectors attending. There are some fun things lined up and good food also. Remember this years theme is MAGIC.

We all sure lost a great friend and collector recently with the passing of Billie Thornton. Most of us that have known him for many years can tell some great stories that he has told and he will always be remembered in the collecting world.

That is about it for this time. Hope to see you all in New Mexico.




Best of Show - Ladies: LaVetta Stephens

Best of Show – Ladies: LaVetta Stephens

Arletta Seery is Inducgted into the Women's Hall of Honor

Arletta Seery is Inducted into the Women’s Hall of Honor


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America Through the Years’

Springville, California was the venue for the 2013 California Barbed Wire Collector’s Show, March 22-23. In addition to the California collectors, attendees came from Arizona, Colorado, Idaho and New Mexico. The ‘America Through the Years’ theme was well carried out among the displays and sales tables as well as on placemats at the awards banquet. Walk through traffic was pleasantly surprised at the various collections and amazed at the quantity of patented wire since most people think there was only one kind of wire manufactured.

Ed & Linda Clark welcomed the collectors into their beautiful home on Thursday evening, showcasing their museum quality collections along with a wonderfully delicious meal. Thanks so much, Ed & Linda.

The awards banquet was held Saturday evening with the meal being catered by Dan, a friend of the Clark’s. Talk about delicious food!! It was AMAZING and we thank Dan, who willingly shared some of his recipes with the gals. Everyone who attended the banquet, was given a bag of goodies, consisting of California products such as  small jars of honey, balsamic vinegars, stuffed olives, pistachio nuts, yogurt covered raisins, chocolate covered raisins and a bottle of wine.

The Springville and Porterville areas were beautiful with blooming wildflowers in abundance and green grass everywhere, something many of us are not used to, especially this time of year. The Best Western Hotel staff in Porterville was very cordial and helpful to the group of collectors.

A big thank you to the California club, especially to Ed & Linda but also to Mark & Linda Nelson, for a great and memorable weekend.

As a personal side note on Sunday,  Fred & Wrennee Reynolds and Dan and I drove up into the Sequoia National Park, hoping to see some of the famous Redwood trees. About 12 miles in, the park was closed due to snow but we did see some v-e-r-y large trees. The next day, we enjoyed our drive through Death Valley, another beautiful area where, at one point, we were 282 feet below sea level.  Imagine that!  WOW!  Very impressive.

Submitted by Nancy Sowle


Award for Most Miles Traveled presented to Clinton & Vickie Schlepp by Show Chairman, Ed Clark

DSC02760  Award for Show Theme  – Ed Clark, 1st Place & Karen Boxberger, 2nd Place, Presented by Club President, Mark Nelson

DSC02761Presidents Award Presented to Raymond Eide by Club President, Mark Nelson

IMG_0535Thursday evening gathering at home of Ed and Linda Clark

On or about April 12 – 13, 2013, the following wires were stolen from a mail box in Kalispell, Montana.

1262 B  Hepp Loop and Staple

1371 B  Durand 6 Point Star

1400 B  Delf’s Torn Leaf

These are very noticeable wires.  If they appear or are offered for sale anywhere, please contact any Officer or Director of the Antique Barbed Wire Society.